Speech Analytics

Leverage Data Buried Deep in Your Organization with Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows structured analysis of customer interactions by bringing to light information that otherwise might remain buried. Call center managers use speech analytics to identify specific spoken words or phrases. Audio Mining with speech analytics enables call center managers to sift for specific interactions and conversations that can be reviewed to improve operations and customer satisfaction.

One use of speech analytics applications is to spot spoken keywords or phrases, either as real-time alerts on live audio or as a post-processing step on recorded speech. This technique is also known as audio mining. Other uses include categorization of speech, for example in the contact center environment, to identify calls from unsatisfied customers.

AVOKE Analytics uses proprietary speech and language processing technology to turn every call into a searchable text transcript. With AVOKE, you simply type a search and query every call captured by the system. You can search the caller’s words, the agents’ words, or both. You can even search calls handled by your outsource partners. Searches can also categorize every new call as it terminates. With AVOKE’s unique architecture, this can all be done without any new software or changes to your existing systems.

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