Voice of the Customer

As companies face an increasingly competitive landscape, business strategies are becoming more and more focused on finding new ways to retain and attract customers. To truly understand what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, one approach is to proactively seek customer feedback by implementing voice of the customer programs. Every day call centers handle thousands of calls and by recording and analyzing these calls, companies can gather invaluable feedback about their service delivery and operational inefficiencies.

AVOKE Analytics provides a true voice of the customer program for call centers.  AVOKE’s end-to-end whole call solution provides companies with the ability to follow callers’ journeys through all segments of a call: IVR, queue, agent, and 3rd party vendors. In capturing the whole call, AVOKE’s unique solution allows companies to listen to their callers and identify pain points in customer service delivery:

Are callers consistently failing at a confusing prompt in the IVR?

Are agents transferring customers to incorrect departments?

Are website problems driving an increase in call volume?

AVOKE empowers companies to leverage the voice of the customer to attain a complete picture of their customer’s challenges, preferences, and expectations and gain a competitive edge in delivering excellent customer service. 

With AVOKE’s unique end-to-end call recording solution you can:

  • Gain insights into your callers' experience as they navigate through your call center
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your customer experience management activities
  • Use data to prioritize issues uncovered by voice of the customer feedback


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