Vendor Management

One of the keys to successful outsourcing is effective oversight and governance. Although you may entrust your customers and your brand experience to another company, you still need to ensure your customers’ end-to-end experience was satisfying while simultaneously protecting your service delivery cost.

AVOKE Analytics makes your BPO and IVR partners completely transparent. With AVOKE Analytics you can maximize the value of your partner relationships and ensure customer service goals by understanding and managing the end-to-end performance. AVOKE’s whole call recording and analytics allow you to seamlessly observe calls handled by your partners. With such visibility, you can generate reports and metrics to evaluate your partners’ performance and validate they are providing the service you need.

With AVOKE you can:

  • Monitor team performance in outsourced partner centers
  • Capture and analyze data captured both internally and across outsourced centers with one system
  • Gain insights into outsourced areas where process improvements may be necessary or training is required
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