Transfer Reduction

Reducing the volume of transfers in your call center benefits both customers and the contact center. In addition to decreased agent handled call volume and handling costs, fewer transfers mean reduced customer effort and frustration.  But identifying why transfers happen is not an easy task. While most reporting captures transfer sources and destinations as part of monitoring agent performance, these reports fail to report on transfers from the caller’s perspective.

To get to the root cause of transfer issues, you must be able to see your customers’ whole call transactions, from dial through hang-up. Typical transfer root causes include menu navigation issues and other IVR misroutes, business processes, agent behavior, and multiple disjointed inquiries on the same call. AVOKE Analytics enables users to compare caller menu selections with the true reason for the call to isolate where issues are occurring. Additionally, visibility into multiple agent segments reveals how business processes are leading to avoidable transfers. With AVOKE, you’ll know where avoidable transfers are coming from and how to eliminate them.

Using AVOKE Analytics you can also review metrics and trends to determine the rate and frequency of transfers. This allows you to make critical business decisions about contact center operations, reducing agent costs, and improving customer experience.

AVOKE enables you to:

  •        Find the causes and types of unnecessary transfers
  •        Measure the frequency of occurrence
  •        Understand the transfer scenario
  •        Remedy the situation
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