Sensitive Data Removal

Complying with extensive rules and regulations to maintain caller data such as PCI/DSS is a difficult but necessary responsibility. Call centers must handle sensitive information appropriately or face harsh fines and penalties for failing to protect their customers.

AVOKE Analytics knows security is a top priority and can meet the needs of companies that require sensitive data removal or are worried about their callers’ privacy. Using patented speech analytics to identify points in the call where personal information is being communicated, AVOKE Analytics is able to quickly isolate and remove sensitive data. Information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and verification codes are wiped from recordings and become inaccessible to anyone listening to or performing analyses in the AVOKE Call Browser.

 With AVOKE’s unique end-to-end call recording solution you can: 

  • Capture and remove sensitive information within all call segments: IVR, queue, agents, and 3rd party providers.
  • Ensure your agents and systems are properly handling sensitive customer information
  • Rest assured that your customer data is secure in our data center  


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