Today, companies are all the more concerned with data security. As a result of an increased number of attacks on personal data, industry regulations have changed over the past few years. Notably, new PCI compliance regulations have established guidelines for credit handling and new HIPPA regulations have established stricter medical record security policies. These new regulations mean that companies must be vigilant about complying with industry standards to keep customer data safe.

AVOKE Analytics recognizes the importance of maintaining a secure environment. Using patented speech analytics, AVOKE enables companies to ensure HIPPA and PCI compliance by removing sensitive data from call recordings. Additionally, AVOKE offers customers the ability to restrict user permissions so that access to personal information is controlled and monitored.  Quality managers are able to listen to and analyze calls in the AVOKE Call Browser without concerns of access to sensitive data.

With AVOKE, you can feel confident that your customer information is secure and your company is compliant. Spend less time worrying about security, and more time exploring the power of speech analytics and how it can drive your customer service strategy.




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