Process Improvement

Strategic process improvements raise the performance of every agent, reduce customer effort, eliminate avoidable call volume, and save money. But the data to understand business processes is often stored in disparate systems making it difficult to understand how the contact center is performing as a whole.

In most contact centers, each site, skill, support group, partner, and team use metrics to assess performance. While it is critical to measure the individual parts, in order to achieve process improvements, you need to understand the performance of your entire service delivery system. Your individual team metrics may not tell the whole story of what is occurring from dialing to hang-up and how it is affecting customer experience. Even though individual groups might be reaching their goals, overall your contact center could be experiencing increasing volumes, higher costs, lower conversion rates, or declining satisfaction.

AVOKE Analytics captures a seamless view of your call flow processes, including your IVR, all transfers, internal call centers, and partner sites. With AVOKE, you have visibility into the efficiency, cost, and customer experience of your end-to-end contact processes. This visibility enables you to quickly uncover obstacles, pinpoint inefficiencies, identify root cause, and track the impact of improvement initiatives within your contact center.

With AVOKE you have the ability to:

  •        Ensure individual and team goals are aligned with organizational objectives
  •        Aggregate data on call center performance from disparate systems  
  •        Identify ways to improve agent performance and productivity 
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