Multi-Channel Insights

For many customers, your contact center is the channel of last resort. Customers reach out to the contact center because they:

  • Were not satisfied at a retail store
  • Couldn’t find information or complete an order on your website
  • Had issues with a field technician appointment
  • Received a confusing statement or letter in the mail
  • Were instructed to call by an email or chat agent

Understanding cross-channel behavior is critical because problems in other interaction channels can increase both call volume and customer effort. To understand customer behavior through multiple channels, many companies aggregate it across various disparate systems into one data warehouse  – a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process. However, with AVOKE Analytics, you can quickly obtain the visibility and root cause understanding to prioritize corrective actions and process improvements.

When your customers call the contact center, they tend to describe their problems with other channels in great detail to an agent or even in the IVR.  Using patented speech analytics technology, AVOKE indexes the entire call so it’s easy to search for words, phrases, or names associated with multi-channel behavior. You can use AVOKE to set up searches of call types where customers mention words such as website, chat, or letter and drill down into these calls to reveal the obstacles your customers are encountering. With AVOKE you can gather comprehensive feedback across the whole customer experience to adapt and change your system and provide one consistent customer service experience across all channels.

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