IVR Analytics the AVOKE Way

Customer Intelligence Available Nowhere Else

AVOKE Analytics benchmark data has shown that IVR optimization is the single largest improvement opportunity in most large contact centers. Issues in your IVR – like failed self-service and mis-routed calls –erode customer loyalty and generate unnecessary agent calls – typically equal to 4-6% of your total volume!

The reason is simple – IVR reports are inadequate to understand customer behavior and optimize IVR systems. They may help engineers determine whether the IVR is behaving as it was programmed, but they don’t tell you whether it’s working for your customers or how to make it better.

AVOKE IVR Analytics gives you:

  • Searchable audio inside the IVR
  • IVR logging without instrumenting your IVR application
  • IVR sessions connected to agent calls

With these three unique AVOKE capabilities, you’ll uncover the reasons behind customer actions in your IVR. You’ll know exactly where and why they opt-out, abandon, fail authentication, or fail self-service. And with a precise understanding of your customers’ intent and behavior, you can make small, surgical changes to your IVR with large and predictable performance improvement.

You’ll also discover new agent practices to adopt in your IVR. By keeping IVR sessions connected to agent calls, you can see how agents successfully complete interactions that failed in the IVR. Then you can integrate those proven process flows into your IVR logic.

AVOKE Analytics also empowers you to be able to profile your entire caller population, enabling you to make customer-centric and data-driven IVR strategy decisions about functionality and input modality. Moreover, it enables you to monitor and trend IVR performance from your customer’s perspective, making your team more responsive to changes in the business and in customer behavior.

AVOKE Analytics provides customer intelligence so you can focus on the critical business functions of your IVR: getting customers to the right place and providing full or partial self-service, as required.

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