IVR Performance

The IVR is the front door to your business so it’s critical that it meets your customers’ needs.  Yet, more often than not, IVR menus and prompts are solely designed using recommended industry metrics and standards. By failing to make customer experience the top priority, these metrics promote corporate goals and can lead companies to make poor decisions about building and making changes to their IVR.

Before you invest a large amount of time and money into IVR improvements, it is very important to understand your callers and how your IVR is performing to meet their needs. By analyzing calls end-to-end, you can gain valuable insight into where customers are struggling in the IVR, how calls are being routed, and whether self-service is being used effectively to handle customer inquiries. Relying on metrics that may not capture the whole interaction does a disservice to both your company and your callers as you may miss valuable information that could help shape a successful consumer experience.

A well designed IVR can help reduce call center costs, build brand confidence, and strengthen customer loyalty. AVOKE Analytics is a valuable resource that can help your teams assess IVR performance and effectively meet customer expectations. By analyzing the whole call end-to-end, AVOKE provides you with the tools to pinpoint IVR inefficiencies, make necessary adjustments to your IVR, and give you confidence in your IVR strategy.

With AVOKE you can:

  • Align business goals with consumer objectives
  • Uncover missed self-service opportunities
  • Use data to identify areas of improvement in the IVR
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