Infrastructure Performance

While contact centers depend on reliable call delivery and responsive technology, disruptions are all too common and often difficult to pinpoint. Take for instance network error messages or busy signals –they occur before a call reaches your center and don’t show up in your data or log files. As a result, such disruptions negatively impact your contact center by causing excess customer effort, lost sales, and avoidable call volume. 

AVOKE Analytics is uniquely able to detect and isolate infrastructure problems because it is the only solution to monitor calls from dialing to hang-up. With the ability to monitor calls before they even arrive at your contact center, AVOKE records and detects network error messages and busy/no answer conditions in real-time, enabling fault isolation before carrier switch logs are purged. 

Additionally, by following calls through any and all transfers, even to and from partner sites, AVOKE provides data to diagnose where transfer problems and dropped calls are occurring. With AVOKE’s audio evidence, you can accelerate the troubleshooting process and shift your focus from diagnosing problems to identifying solutions. 

Here are some examples of real infrastructure problems our customers have solved by using AVOKE Analytics:

  • A top consumer electronics companies discovered telecom problems that were dropping 5% of calls.
  • A large consumer electronics company identified $2M of sales improvement attributable to improved call delivery.
  • A top consumer electronics company identified that 25% of their inbound calls were receiving a deadend message.
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