End-to-End Call Recording

AVOKE Analytics has the unique ability to provide whole call analytics - business intelligence on the customer experience from the time they first dial your business to the time they hang up.

Your brand equity is built, or diminished, every time a consumer reaches out to your company. Being able to map their experience starting with the IVR and any self-serve applications, through all transfers to internal agents and partners, provides insights available nowhere else. Only AVOKE Analytics can report on the entire end-to-end call experience.

With End-to-End Call Recording you can:

  • Gain visibility into the entire customer interaction from dial to hang up
  • Reduce costs by 10 – 15%.
  • Capture calls that traverse through your IVR, queues, agents and external vendors
  • Ensure industry compliance
  • Raise the performance of every agent with better processes and tools

Enable the call center to become a strategic partner to marketing, sales, engineering and more!

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