Customer Effort Benchmarking

Measurably Reduce Customer Effort, and Improve Satisfaction and Promoter Scores

Industry research has shown that customer effort score is a better predictor of customer retention and repurchase than customer satisfaction (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score® (NPS). Customer Effort Score enables you to get a high-level snapshot of all of the parts of a customer interaction process. Measuring customer effort and benchmarking against both internal standards and external best in class companies is the best way to provide financial impact to your business.

Customer effort score measures how much effort a customer perceives they spent to resolve an issue. One way to score customer effort is using a survey. But surveys don't provide diagnostic detail and many companies are concerned about survey fatigue. The best way to uncover places where high effort is required is to use an automated approach that looks at the end-to-end customer experience.

AVOKE® Analytics measures and scores customer effort without using surveys. The AVOKE system analyzes calls and automatically locates high-effort moments in the entire dialing-to-hangup customer experience. Trending reports show when policy or process changes increase effort and jeopardize customer retention. And users can drill-down for root cause understanding to design precisely targeted improvements.

To measure your progress, the AVOKE Customer Effort Index benchmark includes 22 automated measurements of customer effort and provides a comparison to other companies and industries.

AVOKE Analytics uncovers information so you can:

  • Score customer effort without surveys
  • Collect and analyze information on a real-time basis
  • Benchmark your progress against industry competitors
  • Obtain actionable insights to improve customer retention and repurchase
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