Call Volume Reduction

Most customer service operations have goals to reduce agent handled call volume. Fewer calls mean better service levels, improved budget performance, more time for coaching and training, and most importantly, happier customers. There are many sources of avoidable calls – and therefore many opportunities to reduce call volume. However the challenge is uncovering all the sources of excess volume and identifying which pose the biggest problems and should be addressed first.

AVOKE Analytics provides the tools to examine the root cause of avoidable agent call volume. Using  analytics to measure your call center’s performance and end-to-end call recordings to uncover missed self-service opportunities, AVOKE reveals where you should be focusing efforts to reduce transfers and minimize repeat or unresolved calls.

AVOKE enables you to:

  •        Minimize repeat calls
  •        Accomplish First Call Resolution
  •        Uncover missed self service opportunities
  •        Identifies other areas that are driving avoidable call volume
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