Call Scoring

Fill in the Details of Your Contact Center Visibility

Contact center call scoring is a useful training and management tool. By setting contact center standards, you can elevate your contact center performance.

Typical scored call center metrics include:

  • Was the customer met with a friendly greeting
  • Was the customer asked their name and was it used during the call
  • Does the agent keep a positive attitude across all customer contacts

Many industries have pre-made ‘default’ scorecards that can be referenced as a best-practice. Your AVOKE consulting team can help you get started in the right direction.

AVOKE Analytics provides best-in-class call scoring capabilities. Using an intuitive interface you are able to develop customized call scoring programs that suit the specific needs of your business. Only AVOKE Analytics complements this level of detailed knowledge with the visibility across your enterprise, and across the entire call. 

With AVOKE Call Scoring you can:

  • Ensure your agents are using screen pops to identify callers
  • Identify additional agent training opportunities
  • Monitor agent behavior and customer service delivery
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