Big Data & Call Center Metrics

Provide Strategic Insights to the Rest of the Enterprise

In a recent survey, Enterprise companies reported that their Big Data initiatives were focused on data variety rather than volume. “The most important goal and potential reward of Big Data Initiatives is the ability to analyze diverse data sources and new data types, not managing very large data sets.” Today, companies are recognizing that competitive advantage lies in leveraging untapped data sources that competitors aren’t paying attention to. 

Enterprise scale IVR Analytics is one of the data sources that can give your company a competitive edge.  AVOKE is the only platform that provides analytics across the entire spectrum of call center interactions. This complete picture of ‘audio body language’ is a rich source of information that can be used to significantly improve your understanding of your customers.

Leveraging AVOKE Analytics, companies are re-engineering call center operations to radically improve call center metrics. Additionally, AVOKE enables the call center to become a strategic partner within the larger business with the power to bring strategic insights to the table that can guide the larger organization to new products, new services, reduced warranty costs, and more. 


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