Business Intelligence

Companies commit a fair amount of resources to building systems and processes to collect valuable customer data with the hope of increasing competitive advantage and improving products and services. Yet these efforts frequently overlook an incredibly rich source of information that every company has: real-time Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) feedback in the contact center. When customers call your contact center they provide valuable information about products, services, channels, and competitors. But how do you find a way to extract key insights from these calls?

AVOKE Analytics uses proprietary speech and language processing technology to turn every call into a searchable text transcript. With AVOKE, you simply type a search and query every call captured by the system. Using this functionality, you can search the caller’s words, the agents’ words, and even 3rd party words. You can also search calls handled by your outsource partners. AVOKE empowers you to quantify customer feedback and trend it over time to uncover new insights and detect changes. With AVOKE’s cloud architecture, this can all be done without any new software or changes to your existing systems.

AVOKE Analytics empowers you to:

  • Understand customer perceptions of your business and services
  • Identify which products, services, or processes need attention – and how to improve them
  • Discover firsthand what is trending among your customers and what that means for your business  
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