AVOKE Call Browser

Call Center Software Taken to the Next Level

The AVOKE Call Browser is a cloud-based solution that records calls in the telecom network and provides analytics in a hosted web application. It transparently records customer experiences from dialing-to-hang-up including your IVR, all transfers, internal call centers and partner sites. The patented BBN software then generates and synthesizes an IVR log together with an automated whole call transcript, and categorizes every call in real time.

The AVOKE Call Browser works seamlessly with all existing cloud or premise contact center systems. Reports and dashboards are updated in real-time. Users can create custom data views and drill-down through any report to listen to whole call recordings.

With the AVOKE Call Browser you can:

  • Understand the whole call - exactly as your customer experiences it from dial-to-hang-up
  • Optimize end-to-end service delivery processes
  • Reduce customer effort, and boost satisfaction and promoter scores
  • Get more from your IVR and outsourced partners
  • Raise the performance of every agent with better processes and tools
  • Discover how the rest of the company generates avoidable call volume
  • Get Voice-Of-The-Customer intelligence about your products, services and competitors
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