Over the past decade, the telecommunications industry has undergone a significant transformation as technology has rapidly advanced from landlines to mobile phones to smartphones and tablets. And as technology has changed, consumers have evolved too. Today’s consumers are much more tech savvy, able to make faster and more educated decisions when it comes to selecting providers and products. 

Not surprisingly, this shift has greatly increased the competitive landscape within the telecommunications industry and put considerable pressure on providers to deliver top notch service. As a result, companies are building business strategy around customer experience to gain a competitive edge and increase profitability. And this means that now more than ever, it is critical for companies to have the right tools in place to effectively collect and analyze customer data. Customer insights enable companies to assess their performance and ensure they are providing the right combination of pricing and service to attract new consumers and promote customer loyalty.

AVOKE Analytics provides companies with insight into their customers’ experiences from dialing-to-hang-up and is an invaluable tool for improving customer service.  Using AVOKE, companies can understand what customers are saying about specific products, services, and competitors and track important trends over time. In addition, AVOKE empowers companies to identify areas of improvement and uncover new sales opportunities to strengthen business strategy.

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