Government Agencies

Government centers are uniquely faced with the challenge of reducing operational costs, adhering to strict regulations, and improving employee productivity while simultaneously providing good service to citizens. And juggling these competing needs has become even more difficult over the past several years as the struggling economy and changes in the healthcare industry have raised complex questions and driven many citizens to reach out for clarification. In order to handle this influx of inquiries and meet budgetary pressures, government centers need good tools in place to identify cost saving opportunities and structure their resources in a way that will best serve their citizens.

AVOKE helps government agencies in their quest to find the right balance between service and efficiency. With AVOKE Analytics, you gain the ability to fully capture customer interactions with the IVR, queue, agent, and 3rd party centers. This complete picture helps you determine which topics are most important to your callers and whether agents are adhering to government regulations, following scripts, and effectively handling caller inquiries. Using this insight you can determine which areas need to be addressed to increase caller satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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