Financial Services

After many changes in the financial industry, the ways consumers select a bank or mortgage lender have changed drastically over the past few years. As companies make it easier to switch institutions and aggressively advertise attractive rates and offers, consumers are no longer remaining loyal to institutions they have been with for many years. In this newly competitive landscape, retaining existing customers and attracting new clients has never been so hard.

To meet such challenges and overcome mistrust after the recent banking crisis, financial institutions are turning their focus to customer experience as a means of reengaging existing customers and attracting outside interest. By building a customer centric strategy, companies hope to pull in new customers who are attracted by the promise of renewed trust and outstanding service delivery.

For a customer centric strategy to be successful, companies must pay close attention to their customers’ needs and truly understand where change is necessary. AVOKE Analytics provides companies with visibility into the entire customer call - from dialing-to-hang-up.  Using AVOKE, companies can learn all about their customers including what they are saying about specific products, services, and competitors and why they may be feeling dissatisfied. By capturing this information, AVOKE empowers companies to make needed improvements and uncover new trends and sales opportunities to strengthen their business strategy.

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