Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is rife with change; evolving technology, new regulatory requirements, and emerging features and functionality are continually shifting the playing field. In fact, change is the only real constant in the consumer electronics industry. Companies must adapt their strategies quickly or suffer the consequences of an unsustainable business model.  

To offset the impact of unpredictable challenges such as shrinking operating margins, short product lifecycles, and uncertain demand, companies are focusing on an area they can control: customer experience.  Today’s consumers are different. They are no longer loyal to any one company or product brand. They are also far more educated on the latest technology trends and have high expectations when it comes to service. So providing a top notch customer experience is imperative to customer retention and new customer acquisition.

With AVOKE Analytics companies can maximize their impact on the consumer experience. With end-to-end call reporting and analytics, companies are able to gather data to identify high effort moments within customer calls and identify opportunities to drive increased satisfaction. Using AVOKE, companies can gain a competitive edge and ensure they are providing excellent service through a deeper understanding of their consumers’ needs and expectations. 

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