How To Build A Bullet-proof Justification For Your New IVR

The opportunity to reduce costs using IVR automation is widely proven - with many case studies citing 10-30% or greater reductions in agent-handled calls. Yet many companies struggle with the decision to invest in new or upgraded IVR systems. Obstacles to gaining management support and budget approval can include:


  • Problems and opportunities in current call handling are not visible in existing reporting.
  • Caller dis-satisfaction with IVRs raises questions for any proposal to subject more callers to IVR automation.
  • Cost savings based on vendors' and consultants' projections are perceived to be untrustworthy.
  • Too many stories or past experiences with IVR projects that did not meet expectations.

This whitepaper examines how whole call analytics from AVOKE can provide the data and analysis needed to quantify the impact of implementing a new IVR in your contact center. 

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