AVOKE Professional Call Center Services

With AVOKE Professional Services, you can rely on a team of call center experts with an in-depth knowledge of contact center technology, practice, and organization across multiple industries. We understand that businesses differ, changes happen, and regulations exist. That’s why we bring to market service offerings designed to meet the challenges within your organization.

AVOKE Professional Services empowers you to improve customer service delivery, reduce agent talk time, manage your partners, and increase the efficiency of IVR and other contact center technology. Our analysts apply a customer-centric and data-driven methodology to extract new insights from your contact center interactions. With compelling data about your customers and how your centers operate, you’ll be able to drive new initiatives that maximize performance. You’ll also become an invaluable source of strategic customer intelligence for the rest of your enterprise.

AVOKE Professional Services Offering:

Implementation –With vast knowledge of call center operations and technology, our staff will work closely with your team to ensure the AVOKE Call Browser is integrated quickly and smoothly. You’ll be up and running in no time- recognizing the full benefits of the AVOKE solution.

Support –AVOKE will provide continuous support throughout product lifecycle changes, updates, new business trends, and staff fluctuations.

Consulting –Experienced AVOKE consultants will work closely with you to understand your business needs and challenges. They will provide you with quantified, actionable data to drive improvements in areas such as operational efficiency, agent performance, and customer experience.

Training – AVOKE training programs are specially designed and customized for each intended audience. Whether you are a business analyst, IVR designer, call center manager, or telecommunications expert, we understand your unique needs and will help you develop expertise in the AVOKE Call Browser so you can make the most of the tool and bring new insights to your enterprise decision making.


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