Oct 20, 2014 10:14:53 AM

Why Taking a Microscope to Your IVR is Critical for Success

Posted by Niccole Muraca

To ensure your IVR is meeting the goals of your business strategy, visibility is paramount. Without the ability to see what’s going on in your system, it is impossible to know where issues are impacting the customer experience and whether processes are really working as designed.

The experience of a recent AVOKE customer demonstrates the importance of understanding your system in its entirety. The customer believed their IVR was performing seamlessly, but under the microscope of the AVOKE Call Browser, they were surprised to learn there were many areas that needed significant time and attention. 

This customer, a large auto lending company, initially approached AVOKE with some specific goals in mind. Since they lacked visibility into their system, they were particularly interested in uncovering opportunities to improve caller identification and in maximizing their payment self-service path.

AVOKE began recording calls and almost immediately, it became clear that opportunities for improvement and savings were abundant. By analyzing calls in the AVOKE Call Browser, the company learned that 5-10% of inbound calls were failing to connect to the IVR. Additionally, of the calls that successfully reached the IVR, many were experiencing latency issues that were negatively impacting the caller experience.

But the problems didn’t stop there. When the identification path was assessed, it was discovered that 40% of callers were failing to be identified. By studying the identification failures in the AVOKE Call Browser, the company learned that many callers were misunderstanding the identification prompting and thus, providing incorrect credentials. Using AVOKE, the company further determined that re-prompting and time out parameters were preventing callers from successfully identifying.  

Similarly, when they turned their attention to the payment path, AVOKE revealed that 30% of payment calls were being disconnected in queue while transferring to the automated payment application. The company had set a goal to increase self-service but unknown network issues were preventing callers from even using the current self-service functionality!

These unexpected findings illustrate the considerable value of whole call analytics. Whole call analytics reveals unknown opportunities for improvement and provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of their system and how callers are really navigating it. By using AVOKE, this company was able to identify improvement opportunities to impact 25% of their annual call volume!

Interested in discovering new IVR opportunities to refocus your business strategy? Learn more about AVOKE Analytics. 

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