Oct 7, 2014 8:46:18 AM

Webinar: It’s Not Your Agents’ Fault

Posted by Niccole Muraca

Nov. 5th @ 12PM EST

It’s Not Your Agents’ Fault: Addressing Poor Customer Experiences By Analyzing The Whole Call

Gaining visibility into areas of the call that aren’t transparent in your QA analysis can enable you to improve your customers’ experience and give you a competitive advantage in your industry. While QA puts a magnifying glass on agent performance, the customer’s perception of service is driven by the whole experience. While your agents may be doing a great job answering questions and resolving issues, organizations need to consider the complete customer experience. 

End-to-end reporting, through processes and technology, uncovers valuable insights. By studying the whole call and the interplay between these different areas, companies are able to uncover issues they didn’t know about their system and how these issues impact the agent-caller dialog. Whole call reporting provides a deeper understanding of your customers’ true needs, the overall effort required to obtain customer service, and the pain points in your customers’ complete journey.

Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Understand customer effort without surveys
  • Collect and analyze information on a real-time basis
  • Obtain actionable insights to improve customer retention and repurchase

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Topics: workforce management, Customer Experience, QA