Oct 17, 2013 10:05:00 AM

Hanging Up On Your Customers? Dropped Calls and How Whole Call Recording Can Help

Posted by Niccole Muraca

Whole call recording is critical for understanding the full caller experience. Without listening to the whole call, it is a challenge to put together the various pieces and truly comprehend caller perceptions of your service delivery. Additionally, whole call recording provides companies with the tools and data to better manage vendors and partners and ensure that together, they are delivering high quality customer service.

For example, could you be hanging up on your customers? An AVOKE customer recently found themselves in every company’s worst nightmare when they discovered they were hanging up on callers and didn’t even know about it. This customer was using the AVOKE Call Browser to record and monitor calls and during some routine checks, AVOKE noticed that a portion of inbound calls were experiencing a network error message resulting in calls being terminated.

The company was surprised by this discovery and weren’t sure how to begin tackling this issue. Luckily, the AVOKE Call Browser makes it easy for companies to diagnose dropped calls. The system tracks which side dropped a call - the caller or the call center. It also tracks where in the flow a call was dropped which makes it easy for users to listen to audio and identify root cause. To get to the bottom of this issue, the company was able to use the AVOKE Call Browser to isolate the dropped calls and investigate the source of the problem. Quickly, they were able to eliminate various explanations and use audio evidence to conclude that their telephone carrier was at fault.

Faced with such conclusive data, the carrier took a hard look at their system. Upon investigation, they discovered that several of their trunks were dead. These dead trunks were indeed the source of the network error messages noticed by the company. And it didn’t end there: once the issue was brought to light, it was discovered that the same problem was affecting other caller populations!

Without whole call recording, this company would have continued their business operations without a concern; terminating calls and negatively impacting an even greater customer base. AVOKE helped this company better manage their partner and resolve a serious problem within their center.

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