Jun 11, 2013 12:52:00 PM

Webinar: It Shouldn't Have To Be So Hard...

Posted by Niccole Muraca

It Shouldn’t Have To Be So Hard - Proactively Identifying Customer Pain Points Using Whole Call Analytics 

Tuesday June 18th at 1pm EST

Do you know where or why your customers experience frustration?
One of the challenges many companies face is gaining visibility into their customer’s entire interaction.  Existing reports, recordings and analytics can’t follow your customer from dialing-to-hang up.  But analyzing the whole call analytic can do just that. The whole call reveals how other departments and partners are impacting your center and your customer’s experience.  And, it exposes how  technology problems and business process gaps may be driving up agent call volume and handle time – while driving down customer satisfaction.  Having the ability to capture and analyze whole calls allows companies to uncover many issues that could be addressed proactively.

Attendee's will learn:
How whole call analytics delivers vital information to understand caller frustration,  improve the customer experience, and reduce costs.  All without any new hardware, software or IT integration.

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Topics: Whole Call Analytics, Caller Behavior, Customer Experience, Agent Handle Time