An Acoustics and Computing Sciences Pioneer

AVOKE Analytics is owned by Raytheon BBN Technologies, a company with a rich history of technological breakthroughs and advances. BBN Technologies was initially founded in 1948 by Leo Beranek, Richard Bolt, and Robert Newman. Leo and Richard were professors at MIT and Robert, a former MIT student. In its early years, BBN was an acoustical consulting company, first contracting on an acoustical design of the United Nations Assembly Hall in New York. In subsequent engagements, BBN completed the acoustic design of numerous auditoriums and halls such as the Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall and became widely known for its acoustical analyses of the assassination of John F Kennedy and Watergate tapes.

As BBN expanded it broke into the field of computing technologies. Early work included developing the first computer models of roadway and aircraft noise which led to the design of highway noise barriers. In the 1970s BBN gained significant recognition for developing the ARPANET, the first person-to-person email network and one of the earliest versions of the Internet. BBN also pioneered the use of the @ sign in email addresses, the impact of which can be seen around the world today. Interestingly, @bbn.com is the oldest email domain in existence.  

In October 2009, BBN became a wholly owned division of Raytheon. With over 60 years of breakthrough research and innovative technology, Raytheon BBN continues its pioneering science in many different fields, recently developing Boomerang, a mobile shooter detection system used by the military. On February 1, 2013, Raytheon BBN Technologies was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for “sustained innovation through the engineering of first-of-a kind, practical systems in acoustics, signal processing, and information technology.”


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